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Why AgriBot? Our inspiration to classifieds app for Agribusiness and Farmers

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

India is considered to be a global agricultural powerhouse. It is ranked as the 1st in terms of milk, spices and pulses production and it is the second-largest producer of rice, wheat, cotton, sugarcane, farmed fish, sheep & goat meat, fruit, vegetables and tea.

Our inspiration

But the sad news is that most of this production comes from rural areas which are occupied by poor people. Farming and other agriculture-related things are the main livelihoods of the people. Although the production scales are higher, farmers become more poor and poor. We have to figure out why does this happening. That’s were e-platforms are coming to the consideration.

e-platforms give perfect solutions for most of the problems arising in agriculture.

Number one problem with farmers is the marketing of their products. Although they produce large amounts they have no access to the market. Due to rurality and poverty, they tend to give their products to intermediates.

The easiest and perfect solution for that is introducing an e-Marketing platform as the connecting bridge.

India has recognized as one of the fastest-growing internet marketing places in the world.

In 2019, over 19 billion mobile apps were downloaded in the country, compared to just over six billion in 2019

Is there any mobile application for agriculture and farming? YES!!! There are few agriculture-related mobile applications in India, covering only one or two categories in agriculture. It is really hard to find a complete perfect app that covers all the areas in agriculture. No need to worry. Now you have the solution, AgriBot.

Why AgriBot

AgriBot is an open distributed software classifieds platform through which farmers and agribusinesses will be able to view or post buy/sell requests related to agriculture and farming. It covers almost all the areas of agriculture/farming and related things under 21 major categories.

The greatest news!!! Our app includes more than 150 subcategories under the above main categories.

AgriBot will become your best friend and help you in all respects related to agriculture and farming.

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