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Where to find the market price of Agriculture Commodities in India

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

The agriculture commodity price is one of the highly variable factors in India. Do we need to find the market prices of agriculture commodities? Why?

We can do future predictions by knowing the market prices of commodities. Especially farmers can do risk assessments for their cultivations and agribusinesses. Is this crop will be profitable in the next season, is this product will catch the market like burning problems that can be solved by knowing agriculture commodity prices.

Then, Where can we find the agriculture commodity prices in India? From the following government websites available, you can track the market price of agriculture commodities.

1. Agmarketnet

Agmarketnet is an agricultural marketing portal that is launched by the government of India. This portal is supported by a wide-area information network connecting agricultural markets, State Marketing boards/Directorates. This also provides links to the websites of national and international organizations. Here you can get the information on infrastructure-related (Storage, warehousing, Cold Storage, grading and packing facilities), Market – related (market fee/ charges, weighment, handling, market functionaries, development programs, market laws, the composition of market Committees, income, and expenditure, etc.) and Promotion-related information (Standards, Grades, Labeling, Sanitary, and Phyto-Sanitary requirements, Pledge Financing, Marketing Credit and new opportunities available, etc.)and Price-related information (maximum, minimum and model prices of varieties, total arrivals, and dispatches with destination).

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2. e- NAM

National Agriculture Market (e-NAM) is a pan-India electronic trading portal which networks the existing APMC mandis to create a unified national market for agricultural commodities. This helps to facilitate pan-India trade in agriculture commodities, providing better price discovery through a transparent auction process based on the quality of products along with timely online payment.

For farmers, NAM promises more options for selling their products and competitive returns.

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3. NHB – National Horticulture Board

National Horticulture Board was set up by the government of India based on recommendations of the "Group on Perishable Agricultural Commodities". This gives the daily, weekly, monthly, and annual price and arrival of all crops in horticulture. You can get prices based on your center/ state.

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4. APEDA- AgriExchange

The specialty of APEDA-AgriExchange is online trading. Its stride, collaboration of UNCTAD, and the Ministry of Agriculture has given the portal a shape. This gives information about the global market trade.

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5. Vegetable and Fruit Promotion Council Keralam

Vegetable and fruit promotion council Keralam has been established to bring about the overall development of the fruit and vegetable sector in Kerala. It gives the information and price of vegetables and fruits in both market-wise and item-wise as reports. This portal is specially has been created for the farmers in Kerala.

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6. Indian Commodity Exchange Ltd ( ICEX)

Indian Commodity Exchange Limited is a SEBI regulated online Commodity Derivative Exchange. Here farmers get information spices, oilseeds, plantations, fiber, cereals, and other agriculture products. Unit price, buy and sell prices like information can be obtained.

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The National Horticultural Research and Development Foundation (NHRDF) was established by the National Agricultural Co-operative Marketing Federation of India Ltd. In this portal, you can get the market data reports as daily, date wise and month wise market arrivals and prices of horticultural crops.

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8. Central Silk Board (CSB)

Central Silk Board is the statutory body working under the administrative control of the Ministry of Textiles, Government of India. This is working on national silk production in India. From this platform, you will be able to get silk flash prices, silk bulletin prices, and month-end average prices of the cocoon and raw silk. Also export, import details can be found here.

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9. Coffee Board of India

Coffee Board serves as the friend, philosopher, and guide to the Coffee sector covering the entire value chain and it broadly aimed at (i) enhancement of production, productivity & quality; (ii) export promotion for achieving higher value returns for Indian Coffee and (iii) supporting the development of Domestic market. Here you can obtain all the coffee market prices, market analyses, coffee statistics, and export information. Visit for more details

10. Tea Board of India

Tea board is governing under the Ministry of commerce and industry, Gov. of India. Hereunder statistics, you can get weekly, monthly and annual prices of tea. Also, it gives global tea data and monthly, annual auction prices.

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11. Spices Board India

Spices Board is the flagship organization for the development and worldwide promotion of Indian spices. This also acts as an international link between Indian exporters and importers abroad. Under statistics, you will be able to get production, export, import, and pricing details of spices. Especially daily, weekly, monthly, current domestic market prices and international market prices can be obtained.

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12. E- Charak

E-Charak is the e-Channel for Herbs, Aromatic, and Raw material, And Knowledge is a platform to enable information exchange between various stakeholders involved in the medicinal plant sector. It gives commodity wise, market-wise, commodity market-wise and price-wise market prices of medicinal plants. Visit for more details

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