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Precision Farming and Digitalization in Agriculture

Precision Farming and Related Technologies

Simply it is an agricultural management system which is based on the use of modern technologies at every stage of work. Usually it relies on specialized equipment, software and information technology services. Precision Agriculture helps farmers to get greater control on farm operation management. Especially it deals with the spatial variation of agricultural sites. In some cases Precision Agriculture is also called as precision farming, satellite farming, site specific agriculture, prescription farming .etc.


Precision farming highly deals with computers, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Global Positioning Systems (GPS), and sensors.

Here we consider all the input management practices including site-specific input management in a precise manner. Mapping is an important part of this precision agriculture, which assess the variability across the field. So it really helpful in making decisions in input management.

Digitalization in Agriculture and Its Technologies

Same as precision farming, digitalization in agriculture refers to using digital techniques for each and every stage of the value chain. The main focus of this digitalization is to optimize the food systems. Precision farming is also a sub sector of digital agriculture. Agriculture digitalization impacts on the entire food value chain including all the before, during, and after farming activities while precision farming mainly impacts on the field operations only.


All smart farming, e- agriculture, and remote sensor farming refers to the same concept which is precision farming and agriculture digitalization.

A wide range of technologies can be identified in digital agriculture including precision farming techniques also. Apart from that cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, distributed ledger technologies, Internet of Things (IoT) technique, digital communication methods, digital platforms (e-marketing applications, e-extension services, etc.) and many other technologies are combined together throughout the food production value chain.

Will This New Change Reform The Indian Agriculture?

Over the past decades, Indian agriculture needs an agricultural transformation in different aspects. Precision agriculture and agriculture digitalization is one such new concept that is introducing to Indian agriculture aiming to optimize the food system by improving the farm operations at the field level.

Digital agriculture has the highest potential to increase agriculture productivity because of more precise management of all the value chain operations from the farm field to the consumer's hand. Due to precise management, resource use efficiency increases, and the production become more sustainable.

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