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New Business Opportunities for Investors in Agriculture in India

Agriculture is the basis of food security. As much as we can’t live without food, we can’t live without agriculture also. So agriculture will never eliminate from the world until the human being is alive. With the increment of the human population, day by day the demand for food is increasing. Demand for food will never be going to decrease since we all eat for a living.


But the thing is that, are we going to practice our conventional agriculture and related operations furthermore. It will not be going to sustainable. So we should adapt to new methods of doing agriculture, new agriculture technologies, new agriculture-related businesses, and so on. For investors who are going to invest in agriculture, are there good business opportunities? That’s what we are going to explore today.

1. Processed food production

This is a lacking area in Indian economy. Although we have the highest production in most of agricultural produces, a higher percentage of it is sold as raw produce. Neither any value addition nor processing. By with a very little value addition and small processing, we will able to gain several times higher income than raw products. So why don’t we invest in that? This will be a great opportunity for investors as well as for the whole country since it is going to catch the export market well.

2. Organic farming

This is also a really good opportunity for investors. With this COVID-19 pandemic also, healthy foods get much attention from society. So the demand for organic foods that don’t contain any chemicals went high. With this trend, most conventional farmers also change their cultivations to organic. This will be a great area for investors.

3. Market digitalization


This has become a need for the Indian agriculture sector. Due to long value chains and intermediaries, both producers and consumers suffer. Producers don’t get enough money while the consumers can’t get food for a fair price. Only the middlemen get profits. With market digitalization producers can directly contact customers. Also, consumers get the chance to buy fresh and nutritious food as they want. So the online marketing platform is a great opportunity for investors.

4. Protected agriculture

This will be a good one for those who are looking for an export market. By protected agriculture, high quality and high quantity production can be obtained. Due to the best quality of the final products, producers can sell them at a higher price as well as can grab the export market easily. But rural farmers don’t have the financial feasibility to start that kind of operation. So investors can join with these farmers to start this business. Of course, anyone can start this alone as well.

5. Agriculture infrastructure

By now, India is suffering from this lack of proper infrastructure. Due to not having proper storage, transport, and processing facilities higher percentage of food production waste daily. Most agriculture products are perishables except cereals, pulses like products. Therefore proper storage and transportation with cold chain facilities are essential. Investors can invest their money in these types of long term projects also.

Now it’s time for our investors to pick up their responsibility. In addition to above mentioned opportunities there can be so many investing opportunities that would be really helpful for the country as well.

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