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How to find the best shipping rates to ship Agri produce in India

You may be ready with your agriculture produce and come to the last episode of your work. Are you looking for shipping your products to customers? If so there are some important things you need to know. Would you like to explore them?

Let's start with shipping methods

As farmers, we have already spent so much money on our products. So we have to find the cheapest and the best method that is most suitable and most profitable for our products. Here are some shipping methods available in India

1. Shipping via land Although this is one of the oldest methods of shipping, when shipping within the country or to neighboring countries it seems to be the most useful, easy, and cheapest method. The most common land shipping methods are trucks, lorries, and trains. Trucks and Lorries the most typical way to transport goods via roads. Since they have large spaces, bulk packages can be transported easily. When it comes to agriculture produces, a cooling system is essential for some produces. When using cool trucks, it increases the shelf life and reduces postharvest damages for your produces. But it will cost you more. The decision is yours. These are few truck transport services in India

Truckguru – They provide transportation and logistics services. They have cold chain facilities also. Visit

Truck Suvidha – They give simple, speedy, and efficient service. They connect transporters, truck drivers, and customers. Visit

Book a truck - They provide on-time deliveries and tracking service. Visit

Trukky – This is one of pioneer online transport booking platforms in India. Provide a tracking service. Visit

Lorryguru – They provide economical, safe, and fast service. Visit

Trains are the next common method to ship goods via land. Also, it is one of the cheapest methods of shipping. This is a really good method to ship large packages and large amounts for a very low cost. India has one of the largest railway systems in the world. You can directly load your products onto the train or you can use a truck to bring your products to the train. You can also get the service of train delivery services. Here are some of those.

RCPL – Use separate train hubs at each station. Safe and on-time delivery. Visit

Om Logistics Ltd – Provide a reliable service. Quality and on-time delivery. Visit

There are different parcel rates when you are using the railway as your shipping method. To calculate your parcel rate click this link below.,6,335,910,911 For short distance shipping, you can use cars, motorbikes, and even bicycles.

2. Shipping via sea This method is mostly used for much larger quantities of goods. Here your products will be packed in containers and those containers will be loaded into the vessel. This method is recognized as a somewhat slow method. But if you want a faster delivery you have an option; Cargo shipping. Since they have cooling systems, for Agri produces this is one of the cheap and safe methods. All types of products such as raw products, processed products, and machinery can be shipped via this method.

3. Shipping via air This is the best shipping mode for perishables. Because it is the fastest and most convenient way of shipping. Since this is the most expensive way compared to other modes, local farmers don't use this method. If your budget is enough, you can go with this method. For orders that needed to be delivered within 1-2 days, this will be the best method. Knowing about different shipping modes is not enough to select a shipping mode. There are some things that you have to consider.

Shipping rate/Shipping cost

The shipping rate is the additional cost that adds to the original cost of the ordered product This is the factor that almost all the farmers might be thinking of. Because the budget is a critical factor for most farmers. There can be several shipping rates to one product. For each shipping rate, there may be some rules.

1) Flat shipping rates – This rate is charges based on the order. You will be the decider, how much should the customer pay at the checkout. General rates don't consider what's in the cart. To set maximum and minimum cart values, you have to set a price- based rate. To set maximum and minimum cart total weights, you have to set a weight-based rate. 2) Free shipping rates - In this rate, the flat shipping rate is set to 0. That means no shipping cost will be charged. 3) Calculated shipping rates – Shipping carriers and apps that have added add a more cost to the shipping rate. It is called as the calculated shipping rate. By this, you can give the exact shipping cost directly to the buyer.

The shipping rate is calculated using the following things. · Origin and the destination of shipping - This will decide your shipping zone. Most carriers base their rates on shipping zones. · Weight of the package(dead weight) · Dimensions of the package(Length, width, and height) · Delivery times- Shipping costs depend on how fast your shipment needs to be delivered.

Shipping via rail is the most economical way. When it comes to heavier goods, sea transport is the cheapest method. Although air shipping is more expensive, for fast deliveries and perishables it is the best way. But you must have to keep in mind, that there can be hidden costs. So you have to have a thorough understanding of your shipping cost.

Fuel charge, package weight, package size (dimensions), delivery time, and shipping mode can be identified as the determinants of the shipping rate in India.

Type of your product

When consider agricultural produce, there are different types such as perishables, raw materials, processed foods, dairy & meat products, machinery...etc. High value and fragile products need more attention than others. Air and road shipping methods are best for small and short distance products. Train and sea shipping methods are best for large, heavier produce. Air and land shipping methods are good for fragile and high-value products.

Shipping speed

If you want your products to be delivered fast, air shipping is the best. Within India, train and track shipping methods can be used. If you don't bother about the time, sea transport is the cheapest. Apart from that fast delivery services in every type of shipping method. If you want to speed up your delivery than the usual procedure, you can select those options. But it will cost you more. If you are willing to join with a delivery service to ship your products, these are the fastest delivery services in India

Blue Dart – This also provides international shipping with tracking service, express delivery. A part of the DPDHL group.

Delhivery – They also provide express delivery and different transport solutions. Visit

Gati – Provide express delivery, tracking service, and both road and air. Visit

DHL – Has over 50 years of experience. As a low-cost courier partner, DHL is one of the best. But the cost is higher compared to others. Visit

E com shipping solutions Pvt Ltd – They offer air, ocean freight shipping with express delivery service. Visit

Ecom Express – Provide end-to-end cross-border trade solutions and tracking services. Visit But when you select a shipping courier service, don't forget to check their shipping rate, delivery mechanism, additional benefits, and whether there are hidden costs. After considering all the pros and cons you should select one.

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