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Best Marketing Channels for Organic Produce in India

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Organic produce that farmers have grown and harvested have to reach consumers for its final use and consumption. So we need a marketing channel to get the attraction of consumers and distribute our products to final destinations.

Types of marketing channels

1. Direct marketing channels

Farmers/producers sell their produce directly to the consumer without any intermediaries.

a) From factory gate

b) Via showrooms and retail outlets

c) By salesman

d) Online marketing

1. Indirect marketing channels

Farmers/ producers sell their products with the involvement of intermediaries such as wholesalers, retailers, and agents. These channels can be divided as one-level, two-level, three-level, and multiple-level channels.

How to select the best marketing channel

When we select a marketing channel for our organic produce, we have to consider the following factors that affect the marketing channel.

1) Perishable nature of the produce

2) Bulk and weight of produce

3) Storage facilities

4) Strength of marketing agency

5) Distance between producer and consumer

Marketing channels for organic produce are varying from product to product, country to country, and time to time.

Highly perishable organic products such as vegetables, fruits, and flowers need very quick move from producer to consumer. So direct marketing is the best marketing channel for such produce. Also, direct marketing channels help to save the unnecessary expenditures of marketing such as middlemen cost. Most of the time direct marketing channels are quicker than indirect marketing channels.

From farmers' and consumers' point of view, direct marketing channels are the best for market organic produce especially due to it reduces the unnecessary expenses and produce can be sold/buy at a fair price. Also, the quality of products will remain same.

The following examples are some of the direct marketing channels for organic produce in India.

1) Apni mandi/Kisan mandi – There is a direct contact between the farmer/producer and the consumer. No middlemen involvement here. This concept has been introduced in some states of India. Mostly working on fruits and vegetables.

2) Hadasper vegetable market – This is a direct marketing channel for your product in Pune city. Here also there are no middlemen/commission agents

3) Delhi organic farmers market - This is a place where genuine, local organic farmers can sell their products directly to the customers. Opens only on Sundays from 9.00 a.m. to 12 p.m. (Click here)

4) Organic Farmers market – This is a marketing platform aiming to ensure fair pricing for both organic farmers and buyers. They have multiple organic outlets across Chennai. (Click here)

5) Kisan mandi online Agri market – This is a 100% free platform for farmers to sell their produce directly to the consumers/buyers. They have retailers, online farmers (wholesale), and vendors(Channel partners). They also provide organic contract farming. (Click here)

6) Agri Bazaar – This is a free online market for agriculture products. Here there is a separate section for organic produce. You can publish ads for both buy and sell the products.(Click here)

7) Community farm - This is an online farmers market especially for organic/natural produce. (Click here)

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